New track unveiling | European Tour

Lots of news from us today – firstly we’re unveiling a track from A U R O R A! Secondly – we’re going on tour – the dates are below, and if we hit your town/country, then we hope you’ll make it out to see us. And if you’re still undecided about whether to come and see us, we have something that might help make up your mind… From this Friday we’ll be giving away our album for free! It will still be released officially later this month via our co-op of fantastic labels To Lose La Track, Subsuburban, Small Pond Recordings and Cavity Records (so if you like what you hear, please order a physical copy) – but we want to share our creation with everyone! The album will be available via band camp – we’ll post the link once it’s up!

European Tour

03.10.14 *Release Party* I Vizi Del Pellicano, Correggio (RE)

04.10.14 Circolo degli Artisti, Roma

16.10.14 Fuga, Bratislava (Slovakia)

17.10.14  Tiefgrund, Berlin (Germany)

18.10.14 Liverpool Music Club, Wroclaw (Poland)

20.10.14 Rock Café, Leuven (Belgium)

21.10.14  Le Phoenix Mons (Belgium)

22.10.14: Le Midland, Lille (France)

23.10.14 Area 51, Bremen (Germany)

24.10.14 Waldmeister, Solingen (Germany)

25.10.14 TBA/AVAILABLE (Germany)

26.10.14 Reil 78, Halle (Germany)

07.11.14  Cycle, Calenzano (FI)

08.11.14  tba, Pisa

14.11.14 Blah Blah, Torino

22.11.14 Silos, Ancona

13.10.14 Zerbini, Parma