Our new album “Nights” OUT NOW!

We are over the moon to announce the official release of our new album “Nights”!


“Nights” was born from the will to write an experimental album that was able to cross the boundaries of genre.

Starting from our Math / Post-Hc / Post Rock roots, we have been open to every kind of influence, creating a work that moves in similar territories to IDM, Dub, Kraut and Psych Rock.

The tracks structures have become more streamlined, the sound has been enriched with new influences, vocal lines blossom between guitar walls and ethereal arpeggiators while the baritone guitar replaced the bass opening a world of possibilities in the arrangements.

“Nights” is a journey meant to be listened from the beginning to the end.

Three musicians with different musical tastes have worked really hard for a year, the result is an album with a whole identity like “Nights”.

We hope your are gonna love it as much as we do.

Thanks for all the love and support 

Steve, David and Francesco ️

BUY “Nights” HERE:

Small Pond (UK | Worldwide)
LP & CD: http://bit.ly/2r0y9Fr

To Lose La Track (Italy)
LP: http://bit.ly/2oPRZyR
CD: http://bit.ly/2qaHasa

Aloud Music (Spain)
CD: http://bit.ly/2prd6fs


Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2qDbvmD
Itunes: http://apple.co/2qAdsR1
Youtube: http://bit.ly/2r80GFo
Apple Music - http://bit.ly/vs-applemusic



Echoes and Dust – Under the influence + track premiere

Excited to share a brand new track ‘Five Walls’ from our upcoming record ‘Nights’!

Head over to Echoes And Dust to hear it and have a read about the albums that strongly influenced us in composing our upcoming record.

Out on Small Pond & To Lose La Track on May 12th!

“Nights” Disco italiano del mese su Rumore

Questo è uno stralcio della pagina che Rumore di Maggio ci dedica: 9/10 e disco Italiano del mese.

”..La certezza di essere al cospetto di una grandissima band.
(..) Nights ci dice una cosa essenziale: che oggi per loro non esistono più confini. Un disco che è innanzitutto un atto evolutivo e di coraggio per arrivare a scrivere l’album della loro maturità.
(..) Nights dei Valerian Swing è uno dei primi dischi veramente internazionali che negli ultimi anni l’ Italia abbia prodotto.
(..) La verità è che i Valerian Swing hanno scritto un disco immenso”

Nights uscirà in Italia per To Lose La Track il 12 di Maggio.

Info e concerti: 


“Nights” Tour

April/May NIGHTS Tour

Apr 22 | I Vizi Del Pellicano, Correggio IT
Apr 26 | Stage & Hounds, Bristol UK
Apr 27 | Aatma, Manchester UK 
Apr 28 | Birthdays, London UK
Apr 29 | Green Door Store, Brighton UK
May 02 | Antwerp Music City, Antwerp BE
May 03 | La Chaouée, Metz FR
May 04 | Zollkantine, Bremen DE
May 05 | Medusa, Kiel DE
May 06 | A Colossal Weekend/Vega, Copenhagen DK
May 19 | Blah Blah, Torino IT
May 20 | Gagarin, Varese IT
May 26 | Arci Tom, Mantova IT